Hull Truck Youth Theatre

Remote & This Changes Everything

A double bill 

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By Stef Smith
Directed by Lizi Perry

Somewhere in the middle of the city, in the middle of a park with rusty swings, a girl called Antler climbs a tree. Her sister finds her mobile phone smashed into pieces on their doorstep and sets out to find her, but Antler doesn’t want to be found. She doesn’t want to be part of this world anymore.

She watches the world of tarmac and iron below, as the lives of the teenagers in the park intertwine, in this play about finding your voice in a world you feel remote from.

This Changes Everything

By Joel Horwood
Directed by Alice Palmer

“We can’t change things, that’s the whole point, no one listens to us or cares, the only way we’re gonna change things is by going somewhere else, starting afresh”.

A group of young people have disappeared. On a platform out to sea they have formed “The Community” an attempt to establish a new way of life, free from the problems of contemporary society. But just how easy is it to change the world we’ve all been shaped by?