First Time Out

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First Time Out gives artists the chance to share new work as it develops and audience a chance to be among the very first people to see this work and input their thoughts at a key stage of the creative process. It could be anything from a rehearsed reading of a new play, a scratch performance or a preview. Following the performances join the artists and members of Hull Truck’s Artistic Team to feedback on what you’ve seen.

Junior Adults 


Deadline surrounds Kevin and Liz who both work at a scaffolding company. For Kevin, today is like any other day, and for Liz it’s the end of the world. Literally.

As the world comes to an end, Liz rushes to tie up all her loose ends, while Kevin ploughs on aimlessly and completely unaware of what is about to happen.

What would you do if you were stranded in the office on the last day on earth?

The Roaring Girls Get Beach Body Ready 

Summer is nearly upon us and magazines and adverts are telling us it's time to get beach body ready. Shave your legs, get a tan and drop as much weight as you possibly can before you even contemplate going to the beach. Or maybe not. Are you beach body ready?

End of the Line

Poverty Porn

Stu and Julia met on a dating app. They match and a date is arranged. But in a world where everything is contactless and interaction is virtual, can we really trust who we meet online? And who would we want to let into our home, the millionaire or the homeless guy on the street? 

End of the Line present their newest work in progress. Written by Catriona Kerridge, this play challenges the way we perceive others, how we judge the homeless and monetise their stories for our own satisfaction.  How do our prejudices instill the vicious cycle of social status? And are we stuck watching our very own creation of poverty porn?

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