Northern Broadsides

They Don't Pay, We Won't Pay

By Dario Fo
A new adaptation by Deborah McAndrew 
Based on a translation by Jon Laskin and Michael Aquilante

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Anthea is a woman on the edge, out of work, and in arrears. When she gets mixed up in a riot at the local supermarket, she seizes the opportunity to stock her
empty cupboards and those of her friend, Maggie.

But how will they hide the loot from their law-abiding husbands?

What will they tell the police?

When the going gets tough Anthea’s anarchic imagination takes over, with a fantastical, farcical answer for everything…

Post Show Q&A: Wed 24 OCT, 7.30pm







Lisa Howard


Steve Huison


Suzanne Ahmet

Matt Connor


Michael Hugo

Constable, Sergeant, Undertaker and ‘Pops’

‘Conrad Nelson’s fiery, funny production is exactly the kind of play we should be seeing more often’

York Press

‘This fast-paced panto-esque comedy is damningly relevant now’

The Guardian