Hillbilly Troupe and Friends present



Hillbilly Troupe and Friends present

Folk In Hull Revue

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The city of Hull has a rich folk music tradition to be proud of, and the current scene is as alive and vibrant as ever. The Hillbilly Troupe invite you to join them in celebrating our local music and culture in this specially curated event that gathers the city’s diverse range of folk musicians from the singarounds and sessions and brings them all together for an almighty jamboree at the Hull Truck Theatre.

The performance features local living legends alongside the up and coming new breed of artists. Together they perform songs that are steeped in history, songs of protest and freedom, shanties, and reels, jigs and dances that make up the folk musical landscape of our city. The music is accompanied by a live video projection stream of imagery that conjures up an evocative portrait of Hull and explores the themes that the songs express.

A unique night of musical revelry and wonder not to be missed!